What Happens on a Lazy Hazy Day

Crazy crazy day.
I do believe the weather really does affect people's emotions.
Especially in regards to children.

Keith has been very moody lately so today was a very laid back day.
While I made dinner, I let him do whatever he wanted.
He revealed a new talent. Since he has three grandparents with an incredible aptitude for art, it is only natural he have some inclination.
He delved into the treasure trove that is my cupboard, and was happier than a prince in his gold chamber.
He found something to hold his treasures!

"Hmmmmm, what treasures do we have here?"

Following, is the first Art Exhibit of Keith. This time viewing his artwork is free, but enjoy it while it lasts, because one day you will be paying good money to see his talent.

He arranged, and rearranged the bowls and plastic utensils so many times! At least he was entertained :)
Isn't he delicious?

This is what happens when I am otherwise occupied.
I guess he gets it from his dad.

Oh, I have to say, I LOVE watching my husband play old 2 bit video games. He is so funny! He is playing Zelda on the computer right now, and making me laugh so much. Who knew video games could be so entertaining for the one watching?


Lorie said…
I love the ketchup picture and I love that you do push ups for comments! ;D
Amy said…
He loves the ketchup too, can't you tell?
I figure if people are bothering to show me hos much they love me by leaving comments, I can share my love with the world by getting rid of these Relief Society wings, and by loving myself into doing push ups. Thanks for helping to buff me up!

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