This Little Piggy Got Away

Yesterday my piggies died and went to heaven.

I let them out of the tight canvas and cloth confines and let them roam around on GRASS! They didn't quite know what to think.

Regardless of the confusion they were quite happy and roamed all over the soft grass, the hard road, the rocky driveway.

Fresh air! They screamed with delight. They were only echoing my own joyous jubilation.
(Just a random Spring photo)

It got up to 70 degrees yesterday! To celebrate I turned off the heat and opened up all the windows in the house (as mentioned in my previous post). When Jeffrey got home from work, the house had a delicious Spring smell to it. What better way to be greeted then by your adoring wife and baby, and a clean house that smells like Spring? I can't think of anything better.

To add even more to the adventures of yesterday, Keith tripped and cut open his lip. An hour later he found his daddy's deodorant and decided to make a meal of it. He smelled Old Spice fresh for the rest of the day and walked around the house like a little puppy, tongue hanging out and all.


Yay for spring! I hope that it brings rain down here!
* { Shannon } * said…
And now it's just sad that it's snowing like mad outside!!!
BlueCastle said…
I'm so jealous - your feet look happy. :) It's -20 right now with 8+ inches of snow on the ground. I can not wait to go barefoot outside again. :)

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