Friday, March 6, 2009

The Super Night

Last night Jeffrey was watching the trailers for the new Star Trek Movie (yes, he's a Trekkie) and then found one for G.I. Joe's which in turn led us to Zelda

(I am so excited for some of these movies. They bring back a whole lot of nostalgia)

which got us talking about Super Mario Brothers.

Did you know there was a Super Mario Brothers movie? I didn't. Thankfully we know of the wonders of You tube, and were able to watch it last night.

I LOVED it! It is so silly and has so many plot holes, and just had me laughing through the whole thing. What a silly show. It is perfect for ten year old boys. They would eat it up. I guess that just shows I have a humor level of a ten year old boy, but what can you do?

I love sitting with my hubby and laughing at something so ridiculous that you can't help loving it, and having my hubby watching me, laughing at my amusement. What a perfect evening it would have been (had I been able to get rid of that monstrous headache).
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