The Perfect Morning

I think I figured it out.  Jeffrey just has to leave for work early, and then the morning goes exactly as I like it to.

Recap of this morning

Jeffrey got up and ready for work. Left by 6:30 Keith woke up when Jeffrey closed the door. After waiting, hoping he would go back to sleep, I dragged my sleepy bones out of bed, got him a drink of milk, changed his diaper, and put his jammies on (evidently when Jeffrey  put him to bed last night because I was at Young Women's, he just put him into bed with out changing his clothes) and then put him back in bed. I went back to bed, couldn't sleep, so went to and listened to the scriptures until I fell asleep. At 9:45 Keith decided it was time for us to get up. I got to sleep in until 9:45! That is crazy! I never sleep in that late. Even if I wanted to my body doesn't allow me to sleep past 9:00. At any rate, I enjoyed it.

Since Keith has been up he has been super happy and playful, and we have been laughing and playing all morning. I think we are going to have to do this every morning! I mean except the part of me sleeping until nearly 10:00.

I discovered a funny trait about my son. Can you tell what is wrong with this picture?


My Question:
Does anyone know how to cook fish without it stinking up your whole house? I made fish last night, cleaned up all of the cookware I used, cleaned up everything, and my house STILL smells like fish. Any ideas on how to get rid of that smell, or how to cook without having your house smell awful for a week? I don't think I am ever going to cook fish in the house again!

My Answers:
Yes, I do do a push up for every comment left. Thank you all for helping me get buff. Once my arms are sufficiently defined I may move on to sit ups.

Red Revolution pictures as promised:

I know that most of these pictures didn't turn out and look kind of funny, but that just means I am going to have to post more. Sorry :)


Cecilia said…
I'm jealous! 9:45? I can't complain though. Since the day light savings time change, Bella has been sleeping in until 8:00. She also goes to sleep an hour later than before though. I like it that way.
BlueCastle said…
I love your boys new accessory. :)

Fish is really stinky. I'm trying to think what I do for the smell, but other than burning a candle, I can't think of anything. Hope you find a fix for it. :)

Cute pictures!
Em said…
oh revolution joy!
love the hair clip;-)
at least he picked out blue!
mam binks are my fav, brennan's fav i guess.
Em said…
i'm sure there is an avoidable way to get the fishy smell gone, but all i've figured out is to grind up lemons in my dispoal after i've cleaned everything up and take out all of the kitchen trash cans. i'm still not convinced it gets it out. maybe try the food network website?
You definitely have the right look for red lipstick. But according to Nick, I am always wearing too much lip stuff! MAN!

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