Officially or Off the Record?

So a long time ago I heard that the Nintendo Wii Fit insults you if you are not improving enough. In fact, it even called one woman a bad mother! I thought that was hilarious, and ever since then my desire for one has grown significantly. Since we have no frivolous spending money right now, I know that it will be a long time before I get my wish, and can fall over laughing hysterically because the computer is insulting me. Because of this, I enjoy subliminal product placement used on my husband. We email throughout the day, and every time I use the word "we" I replace it with "wii"
I am sure he is getting tired of it, but if it works, then it was worth the frustration I caused him :)

Today wii got to drive my hubby to work. As wii were walking in with him, wii passed L. Tom Perry! I was pretty excited. It is official. He said our baby is cute. One of the Quorum of the 12 said that my baby is cute. Yup. Now there is no arguing it. Of course while waiting for My Love at the bus stop yesterday The Boss was climbing all over in the car, and the bus driver commented as she was opening the doors that we have a super cute baby. So now there is no disputing it. A complete stranger- the bus driver said it too.

The Boss is finally sleeping, and his example is intoxicating me. I may just have to....


Tawni said…
By the way, are you guys still up for Firehouse on Saturday?
Tawni said…
Derek really wants a Wii too, and I admit I would like one as well, WITH Wii Fit of course. If you ever find a super good deal (like, $100?) let me know!
Yeah, he's pretty cute! Hopefully we will get a wii fit too and then I will know what you mean about the insults.
Lorie said…
Well, if L. Tom Perry said it it must be true! ;D I mean he is number 3!

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