Monday, March 16, 2009

Mr T vs Chuck Norris, the Ewoks and the Munchkins

I think Spring has officially begun. It is here!
Now, Winter is still trying to hold on, but you can't hang on very long once things are put into motion.

I think one of the best scents in the world is a freshly aired out house.
Windows open
air wafting in and out
curtains dancing in the breeze
Feeling the air revitalize your old winter weary bones.

Speaking of revitalization, I got a call from Hollywood Video today.
They called to inform me that I have a free movie rental from them! While telling Jeffrey the great news, we discussed what we would like to get.
I suggested The Ewoks VS. The Munchkins.
He really wanted to see it.

Too bad I made it up when I realized he didn't want to see the movie I wanted to see.
I then asked him if he would like to see
Chuck Norris VS. Mr. T.
That was another movie I made up.
I would pay good money to see those two movies.
I can just see the movie posters!


If any of you know of any screen writers, pass the idea along to them... but I get royalties! Oh, alright, we can share, 60-40. You can have the 60. See what a nice person I am?

What movie would you use your free rental on?
Even if the movie isn't made yet, what would you like to see made?


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Yeah, I think I'd vote for the munchkins in the first showdown, but I don't know about the 2nd one.

Em said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm, free rental??? sisterhood of the traveling pants 2! 'cause i have read the books 4 times, yup, count 'em, 4 books, 4 times each. and i don't think i will ever convince sean to watch it with me, so it's either redbox or free movie;-) i do know a producer! don't forget you promised 60;-) sean's cousin is the producer on "without a trace." he also did "bill & ted's excellent adventure." a personal favorite of mine, hey! get that with your free rental!

Tawni said...

I'd have to go with Willow because I'm kind of craving it right now, if you can crave a movie. And in a way it's kind of a combo of all the movies you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Mr. T! The guy even drives my car, well, kind of. I got his voice for my gps from a site called Navtones. Its the real him and I love it!

Mr. T is the man! All the way to the death Mr. T, have no mercy!

valentine said...

haha, that is so funny, i'd def pick the ewoks, they're like brown muppets!

and i think i'd have to pick chuck norris, because not only does he kick asphalt, but turns out the dude is pretty smart and well written. who knew?