I think March may be one of my favorite months.

Last night we got home from FHE and the wind was acting just like a six year old on too much sugar. I wanted so badly to go out and dance and twirl with the leaves left over from fall, but a sink full of dishes kept tugging at me to go in and make them clean and sparkly again.


And then I remembered.

Its March!

March is the season of super windy days. The sun warming us with her beautiful smiles. And the cute little green plants sleepily peeking up through the dirt, wondering if it is time to get up yet.

March is so full of anticipation. Even my blood can feel the world waking up around me.

Today the weatherman said we are going to have a high in the upper 60s. That translates to opening all my windows and airing out my house for the first time since October! Bring on the sunshine, baby. I am ready for it.

In just three Saturdays from today is the first official day of Spring. I want to invite you all to come celebrate by having a picnic with me on that day. It doesn't matter where you are, just go outside and enjoy the freshness of the day, and welcome the new beginning.


Megan said…
I am SO excited for spring!!
Noodle said…
Sammy is getting spring fever really bad all she wants to do is go out side and play...
Familia Morales said…
I'm with you. I can't wait until it warms up and spring kicks winter out the door.
lorie said…
pushups will make your boobs smaller. just saw your plan to do 3 and thought id tell you. for me that was wonderful news. but, now im at the point i think i need to stop the pushups.

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