It Was Only A Dream

Last night was probably the worst night I have ever lived through thus far.
My Love and I went to bed and sleep fine, but in the middle of the night the phone rang.
The phone is in our room
It was loud.

My Love answered it, and then passed it to me.
My best friend from HS was on the other line.
It was 2:30.
Her voice was drenched in tears.
Her mother had passed away at 1:30 that morning.

Her mother is an amazing woman.
She was almost a second mother to me.
I really love her.
I have so many wonderful memories of her, and my heart breaks for her family!

I fell back asleep shortly after the phone call.
The Boss woke up around 4:30 screaming.
I have no idea why.
I went in, rocked him, kissed him, snuggled him, and gave him his bear.
He went back to sleep in a trice.

This morning I woke up with a vague recollection of what had transpired during the night.
I asked My Love if it was a dream.
He told me it was.

I let out my breath that I had been holding all at once, and sank back onto my pillow.
"So Bev is alright? Good." I sighed.
"I'm sorry, Darling, that wasn't a dream." he said.


On a happier note, When The Boss sees a car he always yells "CAR!"
Yesterday he saw a bus and he yelled "BUTT!"
I laughed pretty hard.


Andrea said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's mom. I've had that happen before where you wake up and hope, hope, hope it was just a dream but it's really not.

That's cute though about The Boss and the "butt"! Just watch how loud he says it or he might inadvertently offend someone on the bus! ;)
Sorry about the crappy night! I guess you'll have to appreciate the regular peaceful nights more now, eh?

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