The Hunt

Today a very special visitor came by our house.

We were actually visited by one of the Little People.
Now anyone who knows anything about the Little People knows they can be a sneaky bunch, but fortunately for us, Keith has a natural knack for hunting anyone or anything that has a treat for him.

So, we went on a hunt, following The Boss throughout the yard.

Whew, luckily Keith is part blood hound. Through the fence, double trails, I was lost. It was a lot of fun, though.

I think Keith did so well because of his Green Lunch. He had brussel sprouts, grapes, and a delicious green smoothie.

After we found the gold it was time to go wish The Boss' Grandpa a happy birthday. He is 35 again! Happy Birthday Calvin!
And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the rest of you.

Shamrock Kisses,


Em said…
ahhhhh, how cute are you!!!???!!!! i used to put little green foot marks on the desks in my classroom when i taught school. i need to find a foot stamp for next year to use. how adorable. A-DOR-A-Bul! that's what you are;-)

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