GNO and The Disappearing Two Hours

Once a month some of the ladies in my church get together for a Girl's Night Out.
Last night we went to Boston's for some incredible food.
It was a lot of fun, but the highlight of the night was right after that.
Boston's is right by my grandparent's neighborhood.

I left the GNO a little earlier, and rushed over to their house.
I got there, and the house was dark, except for a solitary light, shining from one of the windows. Since it was late, I was a little hesitant to knock on their, door, but I did anyways, and when the door opened I was greeted by the smell of so many memories and the arms of my dear sweet grandmother.

Grandma was a little surprised to see me so late, but she happily invited me in, and I followed her into her sitting room.
I love that she has a sitting room!
How many people do you know with a sitting room?

We sat in her beautiful antique chairs and visited about everything.
We talked about our ancestry, family, life,the universe, and everything after. (Douglas Adams book, I highly recommend it if you want to bust a gut laughing)
It was such a delightful evening.
I almost wish I had skipped the GNO and just gone over to my grandmother's house from the get go.

Eventually I realized it was getting late, so I got up to leave, but had to go hug my grandfather first.

He had been doing taxes and didn't realize that I was there.
I went in to their Tax room (how many people do you know who have a tax room? Okay, they don't either but that would be kind of neat and excessive, wouldn't it?) and visited with him for a little while too.

I eventually looked at the clock hanging on their wall, and when the menacing face of the clock was taunting me with "It's 10:30, it's 10:30, it's...." I decided I had better go home.

I had no idea that I had been there for two hours.

It seemed as if only thirty minutes had passed.

I love visiting my grandmother.

I think I should have been born when she was, and if we had grown up together we would have been best friends.

We talked for quite a while about the great hats and gloves and dresses from when she was a young mother.
We both agreed that the world was a much better place when people wore hats.
Men and women alike.

So, if anyone knows a good place to buy cute hats, let me know, because even if I have to do it alone, I am going to bring back hats, and by so doing, improve the world. we. live. in.

I invite all my wonderful friends and stalkers to join with me.

Together we may not be able to cure cancer, but we can change the world!

Sorry about the lack of pictures. I realized just this morning that I don't have any pictures of my grandparents. That is something I am going to remedy very soon.

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mub said…
The world WOULD be a better place if everyone wore hats! I was going to wear a vintage style hat at my wedding, but I didn't get it made in time. Vogue has some great patterns if you're inclined to sewing... or bribing friends to make them hahaha
Em said…
love when time flies by;-)

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