Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Few Random Truths

Lat night I learned a very valuable truth. I had my suspicions before, but last night they were confirmed. I learned the power of red lipstick. The husband cannot say no to me when I am wearing my red lipstick. I don't know why, I don't question why. I enjoy it, and bask in the glory of the knowledge thereof. Red is the color of power. (Pictures are coming!)
Last night I revisited my childhood fears. When I was a very little girl I was terrified of wolves. I was terrified of getting out of bed during the night because I thought that wolves were hiding under my bed. I would jump to the middle of my room. I would then run to my door and stand there for what seemed like hours looking up and down the hall, knowing that the second I stepped into the hall, they would charge me. It was quite a terrifying experience. I didn't even like to sleep with any of my limbs hanging over the edge of the bed, because they could just reach up and chomp on whatever extremity was hanging overboard. Last night my arm was hanging off the bed, and I got that fear again. I know it was silly, and I laughed, but I did pull my arm over the edge of the bed and into the covers. What silly childhood nightmare haunts you even now?
Also, I learned a universal truth. I learned that vinegar (especially balsamic) smells like dirty stinky feet. I now know why I have hated vinegar my whole life. I don't like eating stinky feet! For dinner last night the recipe called for a little balsamic vinegar, and my bottle dumped a whole lot more than I ever would have added in this or any other universe. My whole house smelled like stinky feet. And we had to eat it! Well, at least it didn't taste as bad as that.
So, I have shared with you some random truths about myself, please share some randomness about yourself with me!
Oh yeah, I am super pleased with myself, because I figured out how to make a button for my blog. Grab it and plop it onto your blog. Share the love! It would make me feel really good.
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