Dear JaNae-Nae-Bob-A-Lou

Dear JaNae-Nae-Bob,

Happy Birthday yesterday!

I wish I could have been with you to laugh and have a great time like we always do.
I would have given you a big hug and a tub of ice cream.

Do you remember when we had to insulate my dad's garage, and then we bought a tub of ice cream and went to the park and ate the whole thing by ourselves? Our brothers were throwing their ice cream at the seagulls, and I was aghast that anyone would waste ice cream!

Do you remember the time our brothers lit your brother's room on fire? Your mom was SOO mad! We had to do chores for the rest of the afternoon.

I loved when we would have our sleep overs, and go for long walks around your neighborhood in the early dawn, watching the town come to life, the mist being slowly burned off by the sun.

I still laugh at the tie we went toilet ditching. Your friend was so confused to find an old (but clean) toilet on his doorstep.

I can't wait for you to move back so we can continue our crazy adventures. This time we will include our husbands instead of our brothers. I hope your birthday was better than any other, and that you have a wonderful month!



Momisodes said…
What a sweet letter. Sounds like you have had some wonderful times together. May many more lie ahead :)

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