Buy One Get One Free

So today we were taking my hubby to work when the check engine light came on.

That is never a good sign. So, we hurried off the freeway and went to my mother's house to see if we could ascertain the problem.

Neither of us are mechanics, so we took eventually decided to take the car into Auto Zone. They have a cool machine that will tell you exactly why the check engine light has come on. That little device is my new hero!

It turns out, in the fire the temperature detector device was burned up. We hadn't ever really gotten around to replace it, and that is why the light was on.

We bought some more coolant, and went on our merry way. On my way back home, I passed a car dealership with a sign outside

"Buy One, Get One Free see inside for details"

Wow, I want a new car! I just had to laugh! It is kind of scary, what is the economy coming to? But still, who wants to buy a car with us? It would even out to be a car for 1/2 price!


Ha ha that is funny. Serious? Wow!
Noodle said…
no thanks we are trying to sell our older truck... three vehicles with only two diver and one who will not drive a truck unless its an emergacy... two of the three are trucks too! So sorry not this time...
* { Shannon } * said…
I'll go in on the buy one get one free car deal with you! :)
Tisha said…
It's probably just a ploy to get you in the door, then you will find out it's something like "buy one windshield wiper, get the other one free" :)
Familia Morales said…
I'm up for that! Pedro's car is just about dead anyway

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