Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Blessing and The Curse

It's true, I don't usually blog on weekends.

My hubby is home, and I want to spend all my time with him, and not with the computer, but since I am a terrible journal keeper, and this is my mini journal, I have to record this.

This morning after we got Keith up, we were lying in my bed and he was drinking his milk. He pointed to the wall and said "Jesus." Keith thought he had said "outside" but when we looked where he was pointing, there was a picture of Jesus on the wall.

(sorry for the flash on His shoulder)
It simply made my heart melt.
I am so glad that some of what I am teaching him is sticking. He is such a good little boy. This morning he insisted on coming downstairs with me, and then proceeded to help empty the dryer. I LOVE that he likes to help so much.

On another note, the most annoying thing in the world happened yesterday.

I was sending an email to a friend, and Google decided to make me do 5 math problems under 50 seconds before I could send it.
Has anyone else ever had this pop up on them?
I hate math!
I saw the pop up screen, and broke out in a cold sweat.
I called to my husband the math whiz and my voice came out raspy and dry.
What terrible punishment are they inflicting on me just because I want to email a friend?
I am kind of afraid to use Gmail again in fear that Jeffrey wont be nearby to help me.


mub said...

Haha, I think your gmail has the "goggles" setting clicked.

maidmarian4 said...

Ok. That math thing made me laugh. I thought you were kidding! I'm glad "mub" posted a news thing on it. Me thinks you were up too late?? :-P ROFL!

Also, so sweet when your kid(s) start sharing/growing their testimonies. It gets even better as they get older (at least from ages 0-6 1/2 - the ages of my kids lol). :-)

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I haven't heard of the math thing happening. If something pops up that isn't related to what I'm doing, I just close it.

* { Shannon } * said...

That is sweet, The Boss recognizing Jesus! Don't you just love having a little one?

Amy said...

You were right, I did have the googles setting clicked. Thank you so much for pointing that out. Now I can use gmail without fear. You're the best!

How did you know I was up too late? I mean, I was, and it's just spooky that you knew that!

I tried to close it and the computer laughed at me, and gave me a bunch of other math problems to do (these ones were a little easier, but it was still math nonetheless). Dumb gmail.

I do love having a little one. He makes me so happy, and as he grows, so does my happiness. It's just kind of fun that way!

Erin said...

I heard about that math thing on the news. Google added that feature to eliminate people from drunk emailing their friends and regretting it later. Sadly it must be a problem.