Thursday, March 5, 2009

And Then There Was Snow

Oh what a fickle mistress Ms. March is.

I went to bed last night listening to Wind playing with the naked trees. I was happy. Wind had been doing that all day long, nothing to worry about right?

I woke up to a fresh (albeit thin) blanket of snow covering the world. Maybe not the world, but my yard at any rate.

And the little piggies came crashing back to earth. They were cold!

And yet, there is a small patch of blueness right above my neighbor's house, tantalizing me, mocking me.

And I am still talking about the weather.

To change the subject, My Love came home form work yesterday feeling like he had a fever. He was not a happy camper. But when he got home, I pulled out the ratatouille I had made, a fresh batch of homemade crackers, and the movie Ratatouille. It was a fun evening. The three of us cuddled and watched The Boss eat (he is doing better at not making such a mess), then put him to bed as we watched the movie.

I love theme dates. Even though we were at home, didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything... I love theme dates!

We missed two meetings we were supposed to go to, but I think My Love being sick was a good excuse to miss them, and I was in serious need of some cuddlige time, which I got. What a great day was yesterday!


* { Shannon } * said...

I love how you ate ratatouille while watching Ratatouille! :)

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I have never made ratatouille before. Thought about it, but never actually done it. I'm going through an Asian food faze right now. I have a feeling that it will last a while.

Familia Morales said...

I've never heard of themed dates before. Throw out some more ideas--I need them. We're stuck in the movie or dinner thing--time for something new!

Momisodes said...

That is too funny having ratatouille while watching the movie :)

Mother nature has been totally wacky this year!