Monday, February 16, 2009

White Trash Day

Well, this was probably a very memorable Lover's Day for us, because it didn't exactly happen.

See, I am a romantic.
I love celebrations.
I love celebrating just about everything.

My hubby, not so much.

Friday rolled around, and we were going to have a cute little romantic picnic, but it didn't happen because one thing led to another, and it was sort of forgotten about.

We did go for a drive up to a park and have a lovely talk about politics in the middle east and Communism, and all that fun stuff in the middle of the snowstorm. I loved being in the mountains with the snow falling softly around us and we were in a nice warm car eating ice cream. He liked the fact that we were talking politics.

Saturday we were busy getting ready for Sunday. I did a lot of researching and learning, and he finally got his Christmas present (a new desktop computer) up and running after having to mail back several bad parts.

That night we headed out into the snow, and it was just a little too much. We didn't quite make it to our destination. We turned back, had a quick bite at Fazoli's (nothing says romance like fast Italian food) and then headed to the grocery store.

After procuring our weeks groceries, we went home.
We watched Hot Shots.
It was a wonderful white trash Lover's Day.

I had to laugh when everything kept going wrong, and finally, out of frustration Jeffrey said "let's just celebrate sometime next week, and we will make this night as white trashy as possible." When things go wrong, just change the plan. What a great idea. And for this, it was a memorable day.
I hope you all had a wonderful White Trash Day (or Lover's Day, whichever you had)!
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