Sadly, we didn't play in the snow last night, nor did we go to the arcade. We did, however, still have a wonderful night, and that is all that matters, so there.

I picked Jeffrey up from the bus stop last night, and we chatted for a few minutes. Due to a mis-communication, I thought we were going out to eat, and he thought that we had already eaten, so we decided to go home, feed the baby, and then play with a surprise he had in his bag.

After the baby was in bed I walked into our bedroom, and there was a movie on my wall! He had brought a movie projector home from work to make sure that it was in working order. I gotta tell you, projectors are the way to go. We watched The Office in big screen, and then we found a nice crackling fire on Youtube, and just sat and talked to the blue glow of our artificial fireplace. It was great. I love it.

If you don't have your own fireplace, just youtube it, and you can get 10 minutes of crackling fire with or without romantic music. I highly recommend it.


maidmarian4 said…
Ha! Ingenious! I love the fireplace idea. Had to chuckle about the notion of it lasting 10 minutes. There has got to be a way to loop it so it repeats. LOL! :)
Tawni said…
lol that's awesome! Projectors are very cool and really fun to watch movies or TV on. And I like the fireplace idea - we don't have one either. We should get together. I wish we didn't live so far, but we do come down that way sometimes and could always use a good excuse to come "home" :)
* { Shannon } * said…
What a fun idea! Watching The Office like that must've been the best!

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