Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

My little boy makes me laugh so much every day.

He has recently gotten over his abhorrence of hats or anything on his head, and has done a complete 360.

He now LOVES hats... more specifically my Hecho en Mexico baseball cap.

He walked around for nearly two hours yesterday running into my legs while wearing the hat like this. He would bump into something, fall over and laugh. Then he would get up and do it again. I think I laughed more than he did!
Then we went into the bedroom so I could fold some clothes, and he discovered the dresser mirror that is currently residing on the floor since we needed a blank wall for the projector (last night we watched The A-Team... it was great!).

He spent about 15 minutes giving himself kisses in the mirror, pulling faces, and just playing in general. I can't wait until he speaks English (right now he speaks just about every other language but English. I am pretty sure I heard some French this morning) and he can make me laugh even more with his great adventures and thoughts on life. I think people who don't want kids are absolutely crazy!
Did I mention he makes me laugh? Well, he does.


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