Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Lesson Well Learned


Yesterday Keith and I were in the other room, and we heard someone jiggling the latch on our door (we have an old fashioned door handle with a latch to let you in). I thought it was Jeffrey, so we just kind of ignored it and kept playing, waiting for My Love to come in so we could pounce on him with happiness.

He never came in.

"Odd," I thought. So I checked the door handle to see if a flier was left...


Evidently someone was trying to come into my house!

The scariest part of all is that the door was unlocked. Normally I keep it locked, but I had been out shoveling snow that afternoon, and had forgotten to lock it again when I came back in.

Sometimes the latch feels like the door is locked when it really isn't which has always been a pain to us before, but it is something I am so grateful for now. I am guessing they thought the door was locked, and then went away.

So now, I will never leave my doors unlocked again. Scary!
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