It's a Promise

I love today.

I love the sporadic sprinkling of the rain.

I love hearing the gossip of the crows.

I love the promise of Spring.

I looked out my window last week and I saw a few buds on my cherry tree. I looked out my window this morning, and I saw my other tree covered in buds. Soon my yard will be full of beautiful blossoms and the sweet fragrance of Spring.

And, it was 45 degrees at seven this morning. 45 degrees!

I have a tradition, and am so excited to share it with my little boy this year. I spend the first Saturday of Spring outside as long as I possibly can, to welcome the changing of the guard. I can't wait until March 21! Keith and I are going to kidnap Jeffrey and go up into the mountains, or out to the Lake, or even just to a park, and we are going to play and bask in the knowledge that snow is behind us for roughly six months! What a joy.

Also, today is free pancake day at IHOP. So, go get yourselves a free short stack, and enjoy this beautiful weather. And tell someone you love them today, because it is just a happy day!


* { Shannon } * said…
This has been a nice week! I just took Thomas for a walk in the stroller. It felt so good to be outside!
lorie said…
it was 70 degrees here yesterday. and in case you didnt see my earlier not, pushups will make your boobs smaller. I think i am about to quit doing pushups.

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