It's Comming!

Have you heard?

Jeffrey's favorite place to eat in the whole world is adding locations in Utah! There are two projected plans. One will be in American Fork and the other in Draper!

What is this amazing eatery, you ask? Why it's In -N- Out Burgers of course. He has only had them once, and that was on our trip to California. While we were there we ate at In -N- Out for just about every meal. He just couldn't get enough of the greasy goodness that is their signature burger. Animal style, of course.

I guess we now have even more of an excuse to go downtown now.

Really makes me miss the mission! Oh well.

Speaking of the mission, for spiritual enlightenment go here.

***Update*** I just read in the paper this morning that In-N-Out is deciding on a location in Layton to set up shop as well! They are quickly dotting UT much to the joy of my hubby. Now all the people in the North don't have as far to go to get the greasy goodness that your thighs are just yearning for.


* { Shannon } * said…
Wow! I didn't know we were getting one in American Fork too! This is pretty much the most exciting news since IKEA opened here!
Tawni said…
I'm so excited! In-n-Out is great!

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