Thursday, February 5, 2009

Give Away

Welcome, friends!

Today is a momentous day in the life of Happily Ever After.

Today is the day I host my first Give away!

My friends at I Have Hives (my amazing niece and nephew) have provided me with some specatcular BodyBar for this giveaway in honor of... YOU!

I have now had 5,000 visitors to my blog. Way ta go friends! You are all so great and awesome!

There are a few rules for this giveaway however. You have to jump on over to I Have Hives web page, and tell me which product is your favorite. I have to warn you though, I think their web page is having difficulties and not showing pictures right now, so you will have to use your imagination in that aspect. Just click on the link, admire their wonderful products, and let me know what you like the most. Find out how they got their start, and what amazing people they are. Also, there is a similar giveaway on their blog. Check it out at If you mention this giveaway from my web site, you are automatically entered into their giveaway twice, and post about it on your blog, you get three entries! See, there are lots of ways to crowd out the competition and get your name in the drawing up to four times (I am counting my blog giveaway as one of the entries).

So thank you, wonderful readers, keep up the reading, and enter this great give away! It will end at 12:00 Friday February 6th.

P.S. See, this is what I do in my sorry attempt to get you people to start commenting on my blog. I know you lurkers are out there, come on in and say hi!
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