Last night was yet another accomplishment. It marks the first month we have succeeded in having FHE every Monday. It is quite a feat for us, and I am so proud of us for doing it.

Because I have a wonderful sister who anticipated my needs, I found an already made FHE lesson on her blog. Go ahead, check it out. She has lots of them.

Last night we took one of her lessons, and made family goals, and flags. I just want to share with you all what a great night it was, and all that we accomplished. Our family goals are:
  • Finish school (both of us)
  • Add more romance to our lives
  • Make our home a castle
  • Make our home a haven from the world
We then made little goals to help us accomplish the larger goals. Our flag (Oh how I wish I could scan it for you all to see, because it is great!) motto is "In memory of our education, romance, castle and haven. Ether 12:4 and 2 Nephi 1:24"

I love that we are so much more united now. We have specific goals to work towards, and we can help each other by fulfilling them.

I have to brag again, my hubby is the greatest! I sure love him. Tonight we are going to an arcade, just because I love him so much, and he needs some opportunities to release his inner child. If it is still snowing when we get back, we are planning on putting Keith to bed, and then going outside and either building a snow fort or a snow man. Afterwards we will come back in and enjoy a hot cup of Milo (for him) and hot cocoa (for me).

What fun it will be!

Look for pictures tomorrow.


Andrea said…
Good job with FHE! I love all the FHE lessons that are out there. They make planning so much easier. Good luck with the goals you set and I hope you had a blast making your snow fort/snow man last night!
Mare said…
Since only 4 people (other than those who were required to be there) showed up, I'm really grateful that someone found those ideas and all of my hard work worthwhile. Awesome - I feel validated now! Thanks!

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