You've Got to be Kidding Me- No More Chocolate?

So I have been doing some research and I feel completely gypped.

My Dad has RLS (restless Leg Syndrome) and since it runs in families, I got the wonderful genes that pass it on. Meaning, I have it as well. Now it generally doesn't make itself manifest in people until they are middle aged (that's what their official website said) but I have had it since HS. I don't remember exactly when I first noticed it, but I remember not being able to sleep at night and complaining to my parents about the stupid insomnia I had. My dad said it was just because I didn't work hard enough during the day, you've never heard of a farmer with insomnia, right? So I thought that was my problem. The next semester I took two body conditioning classes, after school I was a part time custodian for a local school, and from there I would nearly always walk home. I would get home, do some homework, and then go out dancing. I worked my body hard those days... and I still had it.

Basically what it feels like is... something I can't explain. It's the feeling you get when you have to stretch your legs. They feel all cramped and yucky. So I have had this wonderful "neurological disorder" off and on for a very long time.

This past week it has been impossible! I haven't been sleeping much at all, because I can't fall asleep, and if I wake up in the night (which I always do) I can't fall back asleep. Stinky. So I decdided to do a little research on the matter. I found:

  • It is linked to ADD and ADHD (meaning kids who are diagnosed with one of these disorderes really only has RLS and it was wrongly diagnosed... as I think it almost always is).

  • Caffiene increases the symptoms a lot (that includes chocolate!)

  • Frequent moderate exercise can reduce the symptoms

  • Sleep deprivation makes it worse (yet RLS is a cause of sleep deprivation... it's a vicious circle!)

Okay, so basically that tells me I can't have chocolate anymore! We had a couple of Symphony bars lying around our house these past few days, and My Love and I would snack on them during the days... and my RLS got a lot worse these past few days... Dang it! Also, I haven't been making time to exercise. It has been getting worse. I need to start exercising. As for the sleep, well, there isn't much I can do there but hope for the best.

So, there you have it folks, a look into the wonderful world of RLS.
Now that you have the history, just know if I am ever complaining about lack of chocolate... this is why. I am really begining to think that I need to exercise! First the hypoglycemia that is my curse during pregnancy, then The Boss and his pleasant "chub chub" reminder, and now the RLS. I should just start and not tempt fate any longer, right?

Well, have a wonderful rainy day, and when night comes, be grateful that you can all sleep well (and me too, since I wont have had any chocolate)


Familia Morales said…
No chocolate?! That just goes against nature. Maybe exercise twice as much and you can still sneak a bite or two of chocolate every now and then.
Hmm... bummer! I have a hard time sleeping at night too if it makes you feel any better. Maybe we can start our own support group on yahoo chat or something when we can't sleep.
Noodle said…
when I was pregnate I couldn't eat chocolate because it would make me vomit in like two minutes.. Now we have found sammy can't have chocolate because it gives her supper bad diper rash bummer... That means I can't eat it in front of her cause she has to share all my food or we have a temper tantum like no other.. So I kinda understand the no yummy chocalte thing I feel for you... But I hope it helps you sleep =)
maidmarian4 said…
Awh! Evil chocolate and genes! ((((HUGS))))
Jodi said…
Dude (as Shaun would always say). That is kind of the pits. I had RLS awhile back. I would be up till two in the morning shaking my legs. Anyway, my doctor noticed that under my eyes were really dark, got some blood work done. Come to find out I was REALLY iron deficient. Don't know if that will/can help. Hope so.
Thanks for "stalking" us. Shaun was really excited to see that you had found us. Hope that things are going great for you and your family!
Love us Johnsons

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