Yoga and Babies

Have you ever tried to do yoga with an one year old crawling all around you? I tried it this morning and couldn't even get through the first five minutes of it. It went something like this:

Breathe deep

*baby climbs across rib cage digging his knee in your diaphragm*

Exhale slowly

* baby laughing as you sputter from pain, and lack of oxygen*

Relax your body into the earth

*baby begins pulling your hair because you have left yourself vulnerable on the floor*

Surrender your tension, let it flow out of your body into Mother Earth

*you jump up and chase the baby (who has just stolen your glasses) around the room*

Bring your knees up to your chest while exhaling slowly

*screaming ensues because you took back your glasses... baby is clinging to your leg as you attempt to sit down to do more yoga*

At this point I figured all was lost. There was no hope for relaxation. The baby needed attention, and although I was in need of serious stretching, baby comes first. He is asleep now and although that enables me to do yoga, I am no longer wanting to do it. Imagine that. Who needs yoga when you have a baby to give you the energy you need to greet the day?


Familia Morales said…
Sounds like you had quite the morning. Believe it or not I have tried to do Yoga with kids around me. Doing downward facing dog was so much fun for the kids...I was now a bridge, go under and over! So much for relaxation.
Megan said…
He he he. Sorry to laugh in the face of your pain, but it was so well written :)
Ha ha, I didn't know you did yoga! I go to yoga at the gym right now. I wanted to show Nick some moves but I always forget to, oops! Yeah I would plan to do yoga during naptime!
Noodle said…
I tried doing some situps in front of sammy once but she started tring to do them too. She was only like three months old evr sense then she was sitting up in her bassenet that sucked...So I gave up on working out in front of her we just go for walks around the store she likes that and I get some shopping done.... She's suck a girl loves shopping getting her hair done and getting dressed up, I'm scared for when she's a teen...
G said…
I love yoga too! Thank you -Great story! Aaah the challenges of motherhood ;-)
G said…
A Happy Award for you!

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