The Stash

T0day I heard the mail come, so I went to get it. Boy was I surprised by what I found!

Evidently I found The Boss' stash. The pack rat gene was passed on it seems.


* { Shannon } * said…
That is hilarious! By the way, I love your new blog header!
Noodle said…
I'm glad mines ot the only one that does that. The olny bad part is when she finds my stash and restashes it some where else... I'm still looking for a Christmas ordament...Silly kids anyways
Familia Morales said…
Ha ha! That is too funny!
Brea Marie said…
I have never seen anyone else with the same kind of mail box. My girls spend hours putting things in and out of the stupid flapping thing. I don't get it. Kids are so funny about hiding things. The mailbox is one of the first places I look now. In fact I just found some Dora mega blocks in ours today.

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