On Our Special Day


It's been three years since you sent me that letter. Two and a half short years since I came home and fell into your arms. It's been two years since we made such sweet sacred vows to each other for all of time and eternity. Only two years! Wow. I am so thankful every day.
Darling, I still melt when you give me that "look" and when you smile at me in such a way I still get the butterflies. You have made my life so sweet. You truly are the other half. Thank you for working so hard and making me laugh so hard. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You are the best man in the world, and I am so lucky I tricked you into loving me!

Love, here's to a thousand more years of laughter and sweetness and joy just like the two we have already had and some!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie.




Noodle said…
Congrats on the big two!!!! Every year as I look back our love just grows and grows and grows... My love for my husband is bigger and better than I ever thought love could ever be. Its so great when you and your husband are dedicated to the lord and each other. To more years than I can count.
Tawni said…
Congratulations! Wow, I can't even imagine being at two years right now, but I'm sure it goes by super fast!

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