Oh the Joys of Having a One Year Old Child

Dinner was delicious.
The carpet thought so too.

My son was intent on feeding the carpet because you could still see some white (it's original color).
My son on the other hand didn't get any into his mouth. I placed a good sized amount on his high chair. He is pretty independent now. He insists on eating by himself. So i was letting him.

His belly button was fed, the highchair, the carpet, even his nose was fed. I don't think any went into the actual mouth.

When he decided he was through feeding everything else and began making artwork with the food, I knew it was time for him to be done. So I took his tray, cleaned him off as best I could, and set him on the ground to rampage through the house while I cleaned up the carpet before the pasta got stuck.

The Boss was curious as to what I was doing, and decided he wanted a better look. When he saw me picking up the food and placing it back on the tray, he decided that he was hungry after all, and began eating for the first time that night... the food that I had just picked up. When we was tired of eating (three bites later) he decided he would help me by dumping the whole tray on the floor.

What sweetness when a child helps. You can't discourage them because it is a good thing, but not exactly the kind of self defeating help you are looking for. So, you smile, try to send them off, and finish up a job that should only take 2 minutes that has now taken 10 minutes. Oh the joys of having a one year old!


Noodle said…
I totaly understand the helper that dosn't help but you so want to encourage them to clean up and be the big kids they are turning into... I miss my baby she's turning in to such a toddler =) Good luck on the white carpet mines now a spotty cream...
Oh by the way, the pink is much easier to read- thanks!
Ha ha, it totally sounds like the little boy that I have been babysitting. His mom doesn't even put his food on a plate, she puts it on his tray (that he can't throw). But he only eats stuff he can put in his mouth, he doesn't like being spoon fed. He'll grab the spoon and he can hold on tight! Man oh man!
Mare said…
and the bad news is.... unfortunately, it only gets worse. :) One would assume that it would get better, but no indeedy, yesterday I came into the kitchen to see where children had made themselves chocolate milk and spilled it everywhere - and then quietly left the premises. Remember mom screaming at us about making kool aid and how it ALWAYS made her floor sticky? I now understand and sound just like her - watch out - it'll be you next! :)
Amy said…
And all this time we thought mom was just anti sugar. She was really just anti sticky floors! If only there was a way to train little kids to clean up their messes. That is every mother's dream, don't you think?
Oh gosh I think Taco Bell hates us b/c Harmon only gets a 1/3 of his rice in the mouth... the other decorates the floor. In fact w/an OCD DH we actually held off on finger foods :p

At least he tries to help me... he knocked over water the other day at my Mom's house and than grabbed a napkin on the coffe table so I could clean it up!
Jodi said…
Hey stalker,
My boy, Jimmie, likes to make messes because he know that he gets to clean them up after. Maybe I praise him too much when he picks up stuff.
Jodi said…
Hey stalker,
My boy, Jimmie, likes to make messes because he know that he gets to clean them up after. Maybe I praise him too much when he picks up stuff.

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