Never Underestimate a Nap

Yesterday The Boss decided he didn't need a nap. He also decided that I wasn't going to get anything done all day. So while I was determined to get my house clean, he was equally determined to keep me from cleaning. He went behind me and cleaned out the cupboards, the bookshelves, the drawers, and all his toys. He thoroughly enjoyed watching me clean and thus provided himself with hours of entertainment. By the time My Love walked through the door I was frazzled and at my wits end. One good thing did come of it though. While The Boss took his nap (3 hours... oh sweet heaven!) I was able to scrub down the bathroom from top to bottom. This means cleaning out the cupboard and drawers, getting rust stains off of everything, and basically making it glitter like a raindrop shining in the sun. It is beautiful! I would take a picture of it and show you all but... it is a bathroom, and really, who wants to see a bathroom on a blog. Besides, the camera doesn't show the blinding cleanness and the sparkling bling. Today, however, I have to fall down in exhaustion at the feet of the nap fairy. She forgot to visit yesterday and I about lost it. She came for an extra long visit today, and during that nap and a little hard work on my part, I got an extra clean bathroom! Oh happy day!


Noodle said…
no nap makes me a frazzled mom too. Way to go on the bathroom I've been trying to tackle mine a little at a time not working to well.

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