Friday, January 23, 2009

My Crush

I have a crush on Stephanie Nielsen.
She is the author of the Nie Nie Dialogues.

It's true.

I am not ashamed to admit it.

Sometime last August I was reading a blog that mentioned her and the tragedy that she was passing through with her family. I stalked over to her blog and was deeply moved and intrigued by her story. She is an amazing woman who feeds off the joy and peace she has created in her home. She truly has a Happily Ever After kind of family life.

I began reading her old posts to get an idea as to what kind of woman she was, a woman who has inspired millions through her words and examples.

I began reading her sister's blog to keep up on what was going on in with her recovery, and because her sister Courtney has such a delightful way of expressing herself.

I have to come to terms with my crush but I think my hubby gets a little jealous :)

At any rate, I have learned for myself what a spectacular woman she is. After nearly 6 months of being in recovery she has begun posting again, and I am addicted. Even amidst all the pain she endures her posts are always so upbeat and full of hope and the same vibrancy that has attracted so many people.

I admit I look up to her, and have learned to be a better mother and wife because of her. I know it sounds tacky but it is true.

Check out the little links I have scattered throughout my blog and see for yourself.

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