Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today I have had lots of things to inspire me. I got a new movie yesterday, so I dragged my elliptical into the living room (currently the home for our television) and ran three miles while watching Miss Austen Regrets. *I know three miles is nothing to most of you, but I who am completely out of shape, am quite proud of myself for having the motivation to do it.* I have to say, Jane Austen has always inspired me. I think of all the characters she has written about, and out of all of them the one I want to be the most is Elizabeth Bennett. Not that money is the only thing that could induce me to love a man (my husband is living proof of that) but she is so happy and laughs at the world, and so witty. I want to be her. Too bad my oldest sister already is her, so I can just aspire to be my oldest sister.

Next, I was reading the Nienie Dialogues blog, and she ALWAYS inspires me. She is an amazing woman who has found pure and simple joy in her life as a wife and mother. Her life seems like the Happily Ever After that we all want. I want to be the best wife and mother that the world has ever known... but the world already knows Stephanie Nielson, so I can aspire to be her... or second place.

While on my treadmil I remembered that a long lost friend from school contacted me not to long ago and informed me that I had won a contest (YAY!) and I am now the proud owner of a photography package. She is going to take my family portrait whenever and wherever I want. Thinkging about that I realized that two years ago we had a frightfully cold winter. Especially in Logan. As it was so cold, and I only had a short sleeved dress, we decided to forgo wedding pictures at the Temple. We always meant to get pictures there that summer, but as I was about 7 months pregnant, there was no way I would fit into my wedding dress again, so... here we are coming up on our two year anniversary and still no Temple pictures. I am now motivated to fit into my dress once again so I can get those pictures (Thank you friend!) I know I can do it because my little sister had a baby and six months later she was down to a size four. Not fair! But I can see that it is possible. So, I am now aspiring to be my little sister... kind of.

With all this motivation going around, I almost feel guilty for blogging, but that is because of all the wonderful blogs I read, it motivates me to become a better bloger. To be better at documenting my life (since I am terrible at keeping a journal). I want people to be inspired and (should I say it?) motivated when they read my blog. So, hopefully in some way or another I can motivate you all in some aspect of your life.

Let's all raise a glass (of water, we all need to drink more water) to motivation, and getting things done!
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