Saturday, January 3, 2009

In the Beginning

I love beginnings.
I am not so fond of endings, but beginnings are great.
Especially the beginning of a year. It seems that people (me) tend to put off goal setting or improvements for a convenient time. Who can focus on goals between Halloween and New Years? Who can worry about anything but food, family, food, fun and did I mention food, between those holidays? If you can, you are certainly a much better person than I am.
Now though, er, actually two days ago is the perfect time to begin.
I once won an award for the world's biggest procrastinator, but I put off going to the ceremony so long, I never actually received the award and now I can't actually prove that I won it. But I did. And now, I am going to join in the fad of making a New Year Resolution or two.
I am going to stop putting off today what I can do tomorrow... or something like that. How great would it be to be like some of my sisters in law whose houses are always spotless when I go by to visit, thus giving them tons of time to play with their kids. Amazing! Now I know I am not going to be perfect with that resolution, so I decided to come up with one that is at least fun, and if I fail at it, well, no biggie.
So, in the spirit of beginnings and newness, I resolve to become more coy. Everyone likes girls who are coy... they seem to have a certain charm about them... and I would like to be that girl. Ask me how I did next year. If I don't succeed, I will deny all inquires and accusations. I don't like endings, just beginnings.
Happy Beginning!
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