In the Beginning

I love beginnings.
I am not so fond of endings, but beginnings are great.
Especially the beginning of a year. It seems that people (me) tend to put off goal setting or improvements for a convenient time. Who can focus on goals between Halloween and New Years? Who can worry about anything but food, family, food, fun and did I mention food, between those holidays? If you can, you are certainly a much better person than I am.
Now though, er, actually two days ago is the perfect time to begin.
I once won an award for the world's biggest procrastinator, but I put off going to the ceremony so long, I never actually received the award and now I can't actually prove that I won it. But I did. And now, I am going to join in the fad of making a New Year Resolution or two.
I am going to stop putting off today what I can do tomorrow... or something like that. How great would it be to be like some of my sisters in law whose houses are always spotless when I go by to visit, thus giving them tons of time to play with their kids. Amazing! Now I know I am not going to be perfect with that resolution, so I decided to come up with one that is at least fun, and if I fail at it, well, no biggie.
So, in the spirit of beginnings and newness, I resolve to become more coy. Everyone likes girls who are coy... they seem to have a certain charm about them... and I would like to be that girl. Ask me how I did next year. If I don't succeed, I will deny all inquires and accusations. I don't like endings, just beginnings.
Happy Beginning!


Noodle said…
Love your resoultion, hope you have fun with mastering it. It's always better to have something fun to stive for.
Coy, huh? Doesn't sound too much like you but maybe its a good goal. One of my favorite Jane Austen quotes was something like, "the most attractive women were those who were most unaffected." I thought that was really cool. I wish I could be more unaffected.

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