I Am in Love...

I love this time of year, I love the snow, the mountains that appear to be covered in frosting. I love the coziness of my house. I love the way the sun glistens on the snow all around.

Mostly, I love the January thaw. I love that we get just a tiny taste of the spring in the middle of the cold winter. It is enough to get the blood coursing through the veins again whispering to the cold weary body "spring is coming, spring is coming!" I love that I can look out my window and fool myself that it is a lot warmer than it actually is. My brown grass peeking at me as it slowly sheds its snow blanket just like Keith peeks at me from beneath his blankets makes me long for the day when I will pull out the lawn mower and smell the potent smell of fresh cut grass. I love that I can hear the occasional brave bird singing promises of things to come.

I love that we have a day to celebrate all people.

All people.

I am so happy to live in a place where man, woman, black, green, orange, pink, white, yellow... people are all treated the same. What a wonderful place to live, and what a wonderful time of year to live in. I love it!

I guess you could say I am in love with life. Go ahead, say it. I am in love with so many things, and I think they should all be shared with people all around. So there.

To hear Dr. King's famous speech, go here. It is a wondrous speech that I think all should be familiar with. He was a great man.

Another thing I am in love with is the Bumbleride stroller. It is beautiful! If you go here you can be entered in a drawing to win one of your very own! It is perfect for you moms out there with two kids because the two seater stroller can be made to fit a car seat and toddler, or a baby and toddler or a baby and infant! What a dream!

For spiritual enlightenment go here.


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