I just have to vent for a quick second, and then I will be done with that and move on to better things. I am trying to find someone who wants to live in my house. Someone who wants to live in both the upstairs and the downstairs. The problem I am encountering is flakiness. Since when is it alright to be flakey? Twice now I have had people say they want to come and look at the house, and I went all out getting it cleaned up and smelling pretty and what not only for them not to show. Rude! I am mildly annoyed by this. I say mildly because I am basically over it now, I just needed to vent. Just don't be flakey, people. If you can't make it to an appointment you have set, call the people and let them know so they don't waste half their day waiting around for you!

So I am now finished with that. I have been doing a little learning about Jack Kerouac lately. Has anyone read his novel On The Road? I have to say that I am incredibly interested. He is the icon for the beatnik generation. What wouldn't be interesting about that? He went from obscurity to overnight fame. That would certainly change a person, I am sure. If you have read that book or any of his other writings, please give me a review. Is it worth my time to read or should I just get the general idea of it and call it good?


Sorry I haven't read Jack Kerouac, no surprise there. But I know what you mean about people's flakiness. I got really annoyed when I was trying to sell our contract to our apartment and I finally I gave up because no one ever showed up and dozens of people said they would. I did find that if I told someone that I had to make a special trip for them to go there then they wouldn't commit unless they were serious about it.

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