The Better Part

Yesterday I woke up with a headache.

While this may not seem like a big deal, those who know me know that my headaches aren't just little annoyances, they are crippling gremlins who sit atop my head laughing as I attempt to have a normal day. Needless to say, when a headache comes to play, I get zilch done during the day. It got to the point where I even named the headache. It's name is Agatha Sue, and she always comes to the same part of my head.

Moving along, Agatha Sue came for a half day visit yesterday. I didn't get anything done and my house was a mess. I had been invited to attend an Enrichment Night where Julie B Beck was speaking. As the time to leave drew closer, I decided to stay home and get things done that I was unable to do because of my morning visitor. But then a thought came to me. "Choose the better part." my mind said. I reflected on Mary and Martha, and how Martha chose to get things done that needed doing while Mary chose to listen to the words of her Savior. I knew that the dishes would still be there when I got back, but I may never have another chance to hear Sister Beck live. So, reluctantly (and excitedly) I left my messy house, my unfed baby and husband, and went out into the cold.

*Now for the good stuff*

What a blessing it was to hear Sister Beck speak. She really has some amazing insights, and both she and her husband are so funny! She opened it up to be a Q&A where we got to ask her questions and she would answer them. What a great example of speaking by the Spirit. One of the things that stood out to me the most was when a young woman asked about Sister Missions. The woman is a young single adult and was debating whether she should finish school, stay home and wait for someone to marry, or go on a mission. As Sister Beck spoke to that woman, she said that young single women are the Lord's secret weapon. She talked about the great blessing and privilege it is for women of the Church to go about doing the Lord's work. She said that young married mothers can't do it, because they are needed to raise up their children in righteousness, and the older women are just too tired to do it. The responsibility lies with the young single men and women of the Church.

She then talked about shift work. With shift work there are day, swing and night shifts. A mother has to be at the top of her game during Swing shift, because that is when the family needs her the most. No one has the energy to complete all three shifts in a row, but it is the mother's responsibility and duty to go through all three shifts. How true that is. The most poignant part was when she said "Young mothers, you cannot do it all, nor should you try. Leave everything but being an excellent mother and wife to those who are not mothers or wives yet." I think too often I expect far too much of myself, and it was so wonderful to hear her tell me to stop it. I don't need to worry about going out and gathering Israel. I had my turn. Now it is my turn to raise up righteous children unto the Lord, and I will be blessed for that.

I have to say that last night really filled up my spiritual canister. I am so grateful I chose the better part, because I really needed to hear some of the things she said. I wish that her talk would come out in an Ensign or some other publication, but I am grateful that I took notes, so I will always have those to look back on.
Yay for choosing the better part!


Megan said…
Wow, what a great talk! I'm glad you took notes too :)
Noodle said…
I needed to be reminded of that as well thank-you... We all try to do to much, and often neglect that which is of the most inprotance...

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