Ants in My Pants

I hate ants.

I hate them the way my little sister hates spiders.

When I was a little kid I once saw a show of ants eating a person alive (I wasn't supposed to be watching that show, obviously).

Ever since then, if I see even one, I feel like they are swarming all over my body.

Since we live in an old house, we have been battling this varmin. They are sneaky and tricky.

They are winning.

Today, imagine my horror when I felt a little tickle on my forehead, brushed it away, and an ant fell in my lap.


I wanted to shower instantly but was babysitting a little boy for three more hours. My cleansing shower has to wait three more hours. Help!

Does anyone know of any way to get rid of ants? Our ant killer doesn't even phase them.


Familia Morales said…
This won't work inside, but outside you can pour boiling water on them and their nests. We use the ant bait for inside, it seems to work well enough...but then again it's winter time and we haven't seen ants in a long time!
I totally know how you feel! That is how our apartment was before we moved- and it was on the 2nd floor! We even had our apartment sprayed several times. So I finally discovered that windex actually works here. Go greek man go! Just keep it nearby where you see them and squirt them, its kind of fun. Hope that helps a bit.
Sheryl said…
Refined white sugar attracts them and when they eat it they die. Nice, eh? You might give it a try-- but beware. Sometimes they will get "take out" and carry it off to the colony, other times they might dine in. "Table for 400?" I'd only use the sugar outside the house, not inside. If you see a whole bunch of them outdoors, just put the sugar right on them.

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