Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a Week!

Wow, I love being a mom.
Christmas is the best time of year if you are a parent.
There is nothing more rewarding in the world than seeing your sweet little one light up when they see Christmas morning.
Keith really didn't know what was going on, but when he walked into the living room Christmas morning he was brighter than the tree, and the gifts didn't stand a chance... until he was stopped by the stalking. He found an apple and Christmas screeched to a halt while he ate his apple (and tried to eat his orange with the peel on. We had to save that one for later). When he was finished with his apple, there was a storm of paper flying about the room as he learned to tear the paper off the gifts. He even helped to open our gifts.

Keith loves to play on the computer, so we found a pretty inexpensive laptop for him. He is delighted with it! It has lots of learning games on it, and if we sit down with him and his computer, he is content typing, and using the mouse for quite a while. He also got a race track toy that I may have to steal the batteries out of because it is pretty annoying sounding, but he loves it a lot. Also, books, books, books!
Every morning I will get the newspaper after breakfast, sit in front of the heater, and read before recycling the paper. My cute darling son has started this practice. He finds a book, and sits down in front of the heater as well, and reads. Now he has all sorts of new books to entertain himself with.
Jeffrey was ecstatic to find parts for a new computer that he wants to build. As soon as the case arrives, we will have 5 computers in our house. Granted only 3 will actually work, but really, why do we need two desk tops and a lap top? What an easy question... because it makes my husband the happiest man in the world, that's why!
For me, Jeffrey bought a space heater for our room. I am always cold and wake up frequently from the temperature in the room. He doesn't want more blankets, so he bought me a space heater! What a thoughtful man. He also got me the box set of BBC's Jane Austen books. Can I just say... it's the thought that counts. I love Jane Austen (what girl doesn't?) but this version was TERRIBLE! We are sending it back and he is going to get me the Masterpiece Theater version of some of them instead. Yay!
But really, the best part was watching Keith open his gifts.

On another note, the day after Christmas was no picnic. Jeffrey tried to go to work, but the car was completely frozen shut and snowed in. There was no way of getting it out until the sun came out and melted some of the snow. My niece spent the night, and we spent all day watching Pride and Prejudice and putting Christmas away. It was really great that she came. Then the "fun" part of the day came. As you all know, I am not having a baby anymore. When I went in to the doctor earlier this month she told me that the baby had died, and gave me a few options. I could wait for my body to miscarry, I could take a pill that would induce me, or I could get a D&C. I really wanted my body to do it on it's own, so I have been waiting. Since Jeffrey got a new job our insurance would be running out soon, so I called my doctor and got the pill. I took it yesterday, and about 3 hours after taking it... I started hemorrhaging. We rushed me to the ER (by the way, I LOVE the ER of the hospital closest to our house. We walked in, the immediately put us in a room even though it was super busy, we had people talking to us and being super friendly, the nurse was fantastic... and all in all, I was very impressed with how much they helped and how pleasant they were) and from there had an IV put in, and lots of other stuff taken care of. The ER doctor thought it would be best for the OB doctor on call to come in and look at me and WOW what a grouch! He came in and was very grumpy. He told me he didn't want to be there, I shouldn't find the people very cheerful because they got called in late in the night when there were terrible roads outside, why did I choose this night to take the pill (because Jeffrey would be home and able to help me should the need arise), he didn't know me, was there a different doctor that I could call instead because he had no relationship with me.... The nurse was even aghast with how he was treating me. Well they decided that I needed a D&C so I had to wait 2 hours for the OR to have an empty room (the doctor threatened to just go home for the night and come back in the morning to do the procedure... luckily a room opened up twenty minutes after that, so he didn't). I went into the OR, was put under (which I hate coming off anesthesia, but really, I think I fared a lot better than Jeffrey who was pacing in the waiting room) and an hour later I was all done. We were taken to a recovery room and there I had to stay the rest of the night (being awakened every 30 minutes to an hour for my vitals to be checked). They were worried they would have to give me a blood transfusion, but luckily I was just barely above the level of that. I only had to sleep with horrible needles in my arms all night "just in case." Thankfully my niece was able to stay and watch Keith, and in the morning my MiL was able to take him and watch him all day so we could get some sleep at home.
The most amazing thing about the whole ordeal is I didn't feel any pain throughout the whole thing. No pain, no cramping, nothing except for a little headache from loss of blood, and a couple of pricks from the IVs they put in me and from drawing all the blood. What a wonderful blessing. Granted my body is pretty sore today, but I have not hurt at all!

Now, I have to thank everyone for their prayers and their help. It has been a great week (seeing friends from far away, spending time with family, playing with Keith, etc) and a traumatic week, but the strength the Lord gives is phenomenal! He tells us that He will lift us up, and I know that it is true! He knows that I am a wimp when it comes to pain, and He probably knew that had I had a lot of pain it would have been a lot more traumatic for me emotionally, but I am feeling fantastic! I am slightly sad that the doctor said I cannot lift anything more than 10 lbs... but I can hold my baby if I am sitting down and my hubby lifts him into my lap, but aside from that, I am as good as new. I have to say that I have gained a lot of wisdom through this experience. It is not something I would wish on anyone, but now that I have experienced it myself, I can have the empathy and understanding to help others should they need it. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Heavenly Father is there at all times, and He truly loves me and protects me. I know that my family will grow when the the time is right, and the baby that didn't come to me right now will come later. What a wonderful thing it is to have this communication with our Creator! I love the gospel and am so grateful for the sacred power of the Priesthood here on the earth. I am so happy that my husband is worthy to use this power, and that through it, our family can be blessed.

I know this post was long, but I had to share about Christmas, and even more than that, I had to share about my experiences. They are very special (albeit difficult) to me, and I hope that somehow my experiences can help others in their times of need. Thank you friends for all of your love and support. Especially we thank you for your prayers. I know that without them, things could have been a lot uglier.


mub said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience with things. I think if I were you I'd file a complaint against the doctor, that's really insane. It's not like you choose to have something like that happen to inconvenience him!!!

I have to laugh, we have so many computers in our apartment it's ridiculous... and we don't even have Martijn's c64 collection in here!!

Sheryl said...

Looks like you all had a fun Christmas morning!

Sorry to hear about your ordeal! Yikes!

Happy New Year!

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Woah what an ordeal! I hope that doesn't happen to me! Did you know my hubby loves to build computers too? He has built two- one that I use and one that he has. We also have this old one that he uses as a server. We would have a laptop too but we sold it to my sister. Ha ha how funny!

Noodle said...

My first pregnancy ended in miss cariage. We were 8 weeks alone and we went in all excited to maybe hear our baby or see it.. But there was a little spoting so they seent us in to get an ultra sound and there was no blood flow to the baby and they said it was only six weeks alone. So it had been dead for two weeks inside of me.=( The doctor told me just to let it happen on its own and if we had any trouble to come back in.. Four days latter it still hadn't happend and then the craps started and vomiting any ways with in twelve hours it was all over to bad it was Valentines day. It was really hard on our family with my medical conditions we had to wait over a year and a half before we could start growing our family agian but it made me apricate our little one all the more. I agree that the knowalge of our lords love for family comforts me that if that little spirt only needed such a bref time here on earth that we may live worthy enough to get to raise it when that speical time come. My love and prayers are with you. love