Monday, December 15, 2008

Still Snowing

What a beautiful day! I love watching the snow softly falling outside my window. It gives such a cozy feeling! And I have to say that I love blessings! I know I have been complaining about the lack of snow earlier but do you want to know the coolest story in the world? We got our car fixed Saturday night (Woohoo! A running car again!) and we didn't have to walk to church in the bitter cold/snow yesterday. I couldn't believe how blessed we were. I am just reveling in the love that was shown to us. What a wonderful Father I have!

I learned something today. Single pane windows that were put in in the year 1954 really don't keep the heat in or the cold out very well. I have to consent, it is time to put up my prison walls again. The horrible plastic that only adds 5 degrees to our house (5 degrees do mean a lot when it is super cold) will be put up on all the windows but 2 or three of them. I can't have it up on all of them if I want to keep my sanity. The lack of looking out the windows would probably kill me. Well, I guess I did survive last year, but only just barely.

However, I am super excited for the cookies I am about to make, and then I will have the freshly falling snow, a toasty warm kitchen, and a smell of either gingerbread or oatmeal cookies wafting through out the house! What bliss it is!
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