Some Days Life is PERFECT!!!

Wow, talk about an amazing come back! Last week I came down with strep. It was yucky. I was basically in bed all week, and when I wasn't home in bed, I was moping at my in-law's house due to the holidays (thank you so much for putting up with me!). Not a fun little week. You put the tiredness from normal sickness in there with a pregnant tiredness, add a dash of morning sickness, and you get the idea. However, I am feeling Fine! I am so grateful for the priesthood power and the blessings it provides in my life.

At any rate, as I was sitting here tonight, I caught myself thinking that this is such a beautiful perfect night. No, my house hasn't completely re-cooperated from my sickness but it is getting there. No, I haven't accomplished a whole lot of my nine mile long to do list, but I have to tell you. I re-arranged my living room (yet again) for our tiny Christmas tree that we are being loaned this year, I baked some bread, and I was cuddling my baby while listening to Christmas music. The house is filled with such a wonderful scent of Bath and Body Works oil... I love smells. Could life be any more wonderful?

We found out today that the insurance company wants to total our car. *sniff* but that's not so bad seeing as how I really hated it all along. I mean, it is going to be difficult to find a new car with very little time to test drive, and no car to drive to get to the places to test drive, but... we get to buy a new car maybe. What a happy story. I mean, it wont be new off the assembly line, but it will be a nice lived in car that can tote my small but growing family around. Merry Christmas to us and a new car.

Wow, I sort of have a one track mind. You can tell what I have been thinking about all day since the insurance guy called. I meant for this post to be full of happiness and memories (that I am creating right now with these incredible smells and beautiful lights in my house) but I sort of got side tracked. If only it would snow, then I would really feel like Christmas is near. Is it just me, or does Christmas not seem right without snow? I can't quite believe it is that time of year again, because outside is telling me it is the end of October or beginning of November. Hmm, well, I am going to draw my curtains, make some nice hot chocolate, and imagine a huge snowstorm outside while I listen to more Christmas tunes, and finish cleaning up my kitchen. So, to all you wonderful people out there, help me get into the Christmas season by telling me what helps you welcome this most wonderful time of year into our lives.


Well, if I went by the weather here it would never be Christmas! It is actually perfect weather during the day and then it gets colder at night. We are looking to get a car too soon, hopefully. I think the decorations help me remember that Christmas is coming!
Tawni said…
I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm sure that was no fun at all to be sick on top of being pregnant. I hope we get snow for Christmas too, as long as it's 70 degrees by New Years. :)
Mechelle said…
I found this list of ideas while searching on for something for my sharing time lesson and I remembered you're you're blog article. This came from either a New Era issue or FYI something or other magazine. (Most of these ideas aren't too bad)

Twenty Things to Do to Help Get in the Christmas Spirit
1. Get up half an hour earlier each morning for a week and make breakfast for the rest of the family.

2. Serenade your family with Christmas carols on the piano each morning before you leave for seminary or school.

3. Plan a special Christmas program with your brothers and sisters and present it for your parents and grandparents.

4. Go caroling around your neighborhood and leave a plate of cookies or fudge at each home you visit.

5. Write a Christmas song and sing it at family home evening, dinner, or on Christmas morning.

6. Make a book telling about different Christmas customs around the world and give it to your grandmother, aunt, or favorite teacher.

7. Put on a Christmas play or puppet show for all the children in your ward or neighborhood.

8. Knit a large sock for your father and fill it with things he likes or needs (since Santa Claus usually forgets to fill dad’s stocking!)

9. Help each of the children in your family make one new Christmas decoration for your house.

10. Greet the mailman at the door with a donut and hot chocolate.

11. Check with your friends and find out what their favorite Christmas traditions are and share yours with them.

12. Together with your parents buy a journal or notebook for each family member and begin it by writing a tribute to them on the first page.

13. Work on your genealogy and find at least one name to turn in.

14. After you have found this person and his nationality, find out what Christmas was like in his homeland and incorporate some of these customs into your own celebration.

15. Read Jesus the Christ each morning and your scriptures every night during December.

16. Talk to a good friend about the Church and ask him if he would like to come to your home to hear the missionary discussions.

17. Photograph all your family members and relatives and hang the pictures on your family Christmas tree.

18. Make your own Christmas cards using the pictures from old Christmas cards or your own illustrations.

19. Fill a stocking for the missionaries in your area or from your ward.

20. Read Matt. 1:18–25; Matt. 2:1–23; Luke 2:1–21; and 3 Ne. 1:1–26.
Oh that is so exciting that you might actually be getting a better car. Yeah!

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