As the Sands in the Hour Glass

As seasons change, so do the seasons of our lives. I love my house. I love my ward. As the months have been passing My Love and I have been talking and have come to the decision that our little town no longer holds us here. It is time for us to move on. However, it is crucial we find someone or someones who will love this little house as much as we have, and will take care of it for us. With My Love finishing school at the University here and getting a job in the "big city" we have found it is necessary for us to move south. So, if there is anyone out there looking for an adorable small place to live... close to campus... let me know. I will give you all the details. As soon as we find someone good enough for our house, we will welcome all the new adventures that await us in the south! Thanks everyone!


I hope you guys find someone! Sorry I didn't get a chance to come and visit, things got hectic and didn't all work out the way I had planned. We are coming up next summer though so we'll have to try again then.
Leah said…
It sounds like you had an eventful week, I'm so glad everything turned out well. You know if you ever need any help I'm not far from ya, ok! Also I know someone who might be interested in your place, what are going to ask for it?
Erin said…
If you want to move to Farmington there might be some available apartments in our complex. They are really nice and a great price. Here is our landloard's email, his name is Dave,
Also can Jeff get a cheap bus pass for working at the COB? That would be helpful.
Amy said…
We are charging $600 a month, but that includes all the utilities and the high speed internet. If you need any more info, give me a call.
Mechelle said…
What?! You'll be moving?! :(

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