Tag and tag again. I guess I am IT.

Okay, so I am a slacker. I have been tagged twice for two different things, and I figure I should probably get on it. Forgive me for my tardiness, we have just had a bit of an interesting month. 5 Things About Me

5 Fears:

1. Falling. I used to think I was afraid of heights, but I don't mind being high so long as I know I am safe. I just don't go near the edge and I am fine.
2. Loosing a child
3. Not accomplishing what I set out to do
4. Disappointing my Father
5. Disappointing my father

5 Joys:
1. Books!!!
2. Music
3. Nature
4. Mountains
5. My little family... Keith and Jeffrey

5 obsessions/collections:
1. Obsessions: Reading
2. Obsessions: Singing (mainly to myself or Keith)
3. Obsessions: Cleaning
4. Collections: movies... good wholesome movies (especially the ones with Cary Grant)
5. Really, I don't have many collections or obsessions. I just try to be pretty laid back.

5 surprising facts:
1. Although I am a pack rat and quite a messy person, messes DRIVE ME CRAZY!
2. My whole family is extremely artistically talented... but that gene just jumped right on over me. Hopefully Keith gets it!
3. I walk like a duck. My feet turn out to the sides while my knees are perfectly straight in front of me. growing up, my friends would quack when I came around the corner... I am surprised I haven't been scarred! Ü That may not be surprising, but it is interesting, right?
4. I am extremely persistent. I don't like to give up on things.
5. Well, I can't think of anything else, nor can Myove, so surprisingly, I am pretty darn average. Nothing surprising here!

Okay, I am retaliating by tagging Tricia, Tawni, Sheryl, MaryAnn, and Leah on this one.

The Hubby Tag
How long did you date before you were married? about 6 months

How long have you been married? 22ish months

What does he do that surprises you? He lets me sleep when the baby needs me and doesn't even complain! Oh, and he comes up with the best outlandish answers to questions.

What is your favorite feature of his? His gorgeous dimples. Have you ever seen them? They are just heart melting.

What is your favorite quality of his? My hubby is super smart. If you ever need to know something about history, he knows it. On the rare occasion when he doesn't, he relishes in finding out and then telling me.

Does he have a Nickname for you? Princess or Snookums

What is his favorite color? he has a plethora of favorites, it depends on what it is that is being talked about.

What is his favorite food? Lasagna or Spaghetti. Poor boy, I really am not a fan of spaghetti so I rarely make it, and Lasagna is a little expensive, so he has to have whatever I decide to make. Oh, and he LOVES veggies more than just about anything. He will eat veggies over ice cream!

What is his favorite sport? Is video gaming counted as a sport? No? Okay then, tennis.

When and where was your first kiss? hehe, wouldn't you like to know? Oh all right. It was about three weeks after I got home from my mission. I plead innocence here, he just leaned over and planted one on me. I then realized that I liked it, so I didn't push him away.

Favorite thing to do as a couple? Honestly, we don't have much in common... except for the A-Team. Gotta love that Hannibal and Howling Mad Murdock!

Do you have any children? Oh yes, the cutest little boy on the face of the planet is asleep right now in his bed snuggling with a rag of a teddy bear because he will NOT sleep without it.

Does he have a hidden talent? Of course. He is really good with people, yet he insists on working with computers. He is super good with helping people feel at ease and important. I think he could get anyone to talk to him... if he would just talk. He is kind of shy.

How old is he? 26.

Who said I love you first? He did. I think he said it the night he kissed me, but I told him to not say it unless he really meant it. After that it was about 3-4 more weeks before he said it again.

What is his favorite type of music? Anything that is super happy/funny. His favorites are Weird Al and They Might Be Giants. He also likes Bare Naked Ladies a lot.

What do you admire most about him? The way he is always so calm. I love how he is so good to me, and treats me like I have always dreamed of being treated. If I ever want something, he really tries to let me have it.

Do you think he will read this? Probably not. He says that blogging is my domain, and he doesn't need to read what he knows is already happening in our lifes. Well, his mother may read it and then tell him to read it.

Whew, that is a lot of tagging going on. For this tag, I tag Cecilia, Erica C., and Jen G.
Can't wait to read your blogs Ladies!


Aww I like reading this hubby tag it is great for figuring out about other people's husbands.

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