Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spaghetti and the Life

Jeffrey is so amazing, he just makes me so happy. I was sick all day, and really didn't accomplish much the whole day... that is what happens when the hormones decide to go crazy. At any rate, he just made me the happiest person yesterday. I really try to keep up with things, but sometimes I fall behind, and then, the house is a disaster! My cute little hubby got home from work last night, and was so wonderful. although I hadn't done much, I tried my darndest to get some dinner ready before he got home, but it was on the stove when he walked in the door. He just walked over and gave me a hug before hanging up his coat. Not a word did he say about the messy house, the lack of dinner on the table, the baby playing with cheerios on the floor or anything else. All he did was give me a huge hug and a great kiss. Then dinner was finished, and we ate his favorite food ever... spaghetti. Personally, I am not a fan of spaghetti, but I knew he would be wanting some. We all ate dinner together, and Keith was the best of all. He went to town on the spaghetti, and just made me laugh! After dinner, Jeffrey and I gave Keith a bath, and my sweet husband sent me to bed while he cleaned up the kitchen. Wow, what a wonderful man!
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