A Little piece of Heaven

Today my little family and I decided to go for a walk. It was the perfect day. The sky was such a calming gray, and the wind was just whispering around. As we walked down the street, we were assaulted by the worst smells of the city. Ugh! We contemplated turning back. Then we entered The Park where we always go for our walks. The transformation was complete. The wind slowly began to pick up. As soon as we entered The Park, a completely different smell was wafting around us. It smelled like the forest. I couldn't breathe in enough! We continued down the path and passed a funeral home {Just a side note... I know a family lives above the funeral home, but it was too funny and I couldn't stop laughing... there was a grill just a little ways away from the crematorium. How ironically funny is that?}. We walked past the apple trees that line part of the path, and as the path turned, I heard a rushing noise. There is something about the fall wind that puts the feeling of adventure in my blood. I left the path and followed the noise. Hidden behind a row of trees was a little stream that had a mini waterfall. Up in the trees {about four feet above the stream} was an ancient tree house some children had built. The emptying branches were tickling the top of the water. There were small purple flowers valiantly surviving despite the cold weather. I found some beautiful red berries along the bank, and I picked a few. There was a particular twig that had such an amazing combination of changing leaves, green leaves, and brilliant red leaves. I couldn't resist and I added it to my berries. I followed the stream back out to the path and met up with my family again. We continued along and came to one of my favorite places. The giant trees lined the path, carpeting the road with golden leaves. The ancient tomb stones graciously stood as a reminder to those who have passed on before us. A woman was sitting on one reading. A blond cat and kitten were playing by her feet and a dog was meandering through the stones. It was so picturesque, I was amazed. It was exactly something I would have loved to do. As we came around another bend I saw a bright splash of orange in the distance. It was so striking against the dull brown leaves and the gray sky. Jeffrey held my small bouquet that I had made, and I dashed off to gather some of the orange berries to add to my arrangement. That moment, I think, had been made just for me. The wind picked up, and the leaves fell against my face, the wind was pushing me towards the orange berries, and once I got them, I really couldn't help but look up at the sky and laugh. I had to throw my arms out and dance around in a circle. Jeffrey laughed at me and asked how I like my little piece of heaven. What a beautiful day it was! Right then it started to... not exactly sprinkle, but more so mist. Concerned about Keith, as always, we cut our walk short and turned around for home. The whole time I couldn't stop breathing in deeply, as if I could keep a store of that perfect scent to hold me through the winter months of imprisonment... I hate staying indoors all the time. I found a few more leaves to add to my bouquet and had such a beautiful arrangement when I got home. The apples were so red, and I really wanted to pick some, but they were too high. I breathed deeply, and then we were back on my street... coughing from the city smells. I am not sure how it is done, but that park can really keep the city smells and sometimes even the sounds at bay. I really think that park is my little piece of heaven.


Brea Marie said…
That arrangement looks so beautiful, it looks like you bought it somewhere! You have an amazing talent.
Mechelle said…
I liked your story. I can tell that you read a lot of books by the way you described things. You made the story very vivid for the reader to picture. Good job.
And I liked the bouquet you made. Lots of pretty colors.

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