It's Never Too Late...

Yay! The Boss had his 1st birthday and his first encounter with frosting. What a wonderful experience! He certainly is my sugar baby, no doubt about that. Also, he had a wonderful Halloween where he slept on the whole walk to the Trunk or Treat but then was wide awake when it was time to go to sleep... go figure. I know I am super slow with the wonderful pictures of his Firsts, but I am posting them, so it's okay! Granted this Halloween isn't his frist but last year he was only a couple of weeks old, so it doesn't really count.

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mub said…
Haha what a cutie! Love the elephant costume =)
maidmarian4 said…
Wow. I've got to agree - that elephant costume is adorable on him. :) He has such pretty eyes.
Mare said…
Super cute pictures - what a sweetie. Sorry we missed it! Maybe next year.

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