So I am just kidding. We thought for sure we had a job, and we were super stoked about it, but they never called us back, so we are still going through the grueling work of finding a job. Blech. At any rate, we are hanging in here. We know that one will come up soon enough that works with the work schedule, but until then, we will just keep on keeping on with faith. So, enough about that... wasn't Conference the greatest two day event ever? I always love to hear the words of the prophets, and I seriously cannot wait until we get the Conference edition Ensign! I love the enthusiasm and happiness that I am inspired with. Also, I have to say I am so super happy to have my little brother home now. He is going crazy with being super busy... he still has a gazillion friends who have dropped down on him while he is trying to figure his life out, but... I sure love having him back. Already he has taught me so much, and been an excellent example to me. For all you who are family or know and love my bro... his mission report will be on the 19th of October at 11:00. If you have any questions, either let me know... or just call my mom. She knows everything.


Mechelle said…
I, too, just loved watching conference. It was great. I love how you can usually apply something to yourself from every talk. I can't wait to read the talks from the Ensign when it comes.
Tawni said…
Bummer! Well, I'm sure something will come up. Conference was awesome, I loved it too!
Sheryl said…
I hope a job works out soon!

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