Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Guts

It's that time again!  "What time" you ask?  It's pumpkin carving time! So as we whip out the knives and spoons a question comes to mind... what can you do with all those pumpkin guts?  I have a gazillion seeds to roast and then eat {super yummy!} but I really am not in the mood for wasting perfectly good pumpkin.  I have been spoiled with the canned pumpkin puree, but this time around, I would like to treat my pumpkin like a buffalo.  I want to put every part of it to good use.  The shell will be on my doorstep with a small candle shining through in the darkness.  The seeds will be roasted and digesting in my belly with all the yummy goodness that they are.  So here's the conundrum... What do you do with the pumpkin guts? All you great chefs out there, or even those of you who think you are good chefs... heck, even the terrible chefs... tell me what you do with your pumpkin guts so I can be like the Indians and as Grandma always said "Waste not, want not." 
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