The Most Beautiful Place in the World

So, I have found the most beautiful place in the world. I will tell you about it. It is in the mountains, and there are two paths. One path is well worn and leads to a waterfall and a stream where you can take a ride on your inner-tube down through the warm-ish water between the trees, and it is the most peaceful fun filled ride you can imagine! The banks are lined with ferns and wild flowers, and huge majestic trees dipping their leaves into the water. The other path is almost invisible due to its lack of use. However, I prefer to go down the abandoned trail for there lies the treasure! The trail goes around the foot of the mountain, and it is all rocky and weedy. However, once around the mountain bend the most beautiful scene opens up! A deep blue water (a lake of some sort... but the other shore can't be seen) that has a little island near by. That is where I like to go. The sad thing is I have only been there in my dreams. I know that sounds silly, but it is a place I visit frequently in my dreams. Sometimes I go down the stream on a tube and have a lot of fun, but mostly I try to get to the island. It isn't an island like the kind with palm trees, it's more like Antelope Island with all the rocks jutting out all over- in fact, there is hardly any land and mostly rocks. I have a friend who is always in my dream... lots of friends are there, but my oldest friend is always there. Some nights we can't make it to the Island, so we just go on the hike and play in the water, other times we just have to jump over a small stream. Last night we had to swim there, but if it is near enough, we do everything we can to get to it. Aaah, what a wonderful place. I hope that I can visit it someday with all the people I love.

On a different note, isn't today the very best day for Halloween? Gray cloudy sky, leaves blowing down the streets and covering the yards, wind tugging at your clothes and hair... all that we need now is a full moon to occasionally peek through the clouds and it would be PERFECT! I Love Halloween, and I am so glad it is warm today. Our house is full of the smells of wassil, pumpkin seeds and chocolate cookies! Man, what a wonderful day!

Have a Wonderful Halloween!


Sheryl said…
Sounds nice! Aren't dreams and daydreams the greatest sometimes? :)

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