In Loving Memory

I know I haven't been good with blogging lately, but we have had a lot on our plate recently.  On Tuesday I received a phone call from a long lost friend.  She called and was a little hysterical.  Sometimes she over-reacts, so I was taking everything she said with a grain of salt.  She wasn't over reacting.  Our dear friend Susie's husband Brad was killed on Saturday night.  For a comprehensive report, see the news report here. I am so sad for her! She has a little 2 year old baby they adopted, and she is pregnant right now! Evidently they caught two of his killers. They are 15 year olds who did it as a part of a gang initiation. The two boys will be charged as adults for first degree murder. My heart goes out to this family in their grief. Please pray for my beautiful and strong friend! All your prayers will be most appreciated.


Ashlee said…
that is so sad. It makes me scared tolet my husband go to the store alone. thanks for posting, it's always good to know what the world is coming to now and again. i do not want to be a part of it.
Erika said…
I am in chamber choir with her husbands sister! What a small world! And what a tragedy to have to go through. :(
Oh man how sad! His family will be in my prayers!!!!!!!

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