Wow, what a crazy day! So, it's official, My Love has a job. The funny thing is the company that we were way excited for called us again. Evidently the guy they hired instead of my hubby had a problem with his record, so they should have just gotten My Love in the first place. Silly company. He was also offered two other jobs, and so that was great. We are pretty happy about how things have been falling into place with that. Moving along... for the past couple of months we have been dealing with some fun identity theft. It was obviously done over the internet because all of the purchases made with our credit card was over the internet. So... I called our internet provider today to find out our IP address (one of the notices we got said that it came from "our ip address" but it was the wrong address. I know that ips can change, so we called Comcast to get the address for that particular month. The lady who was helping me was not the most helpful. I explained to her that I needed to know the address we had during that particular month, and she responded "I'm sorry ma'am, but we are in October. I can give you your current address." I patiently told her again that I already have our address and I really needed to know what it was during that particular month, and she again said that she could give me the address for October. I really felt like I was talking to a stubborn 2 year old! She put me on hold for a long time to check how often the address is changed, and she finally came back, told me the time period, and then hung up the phone. About 5 minutes after that phone conversation, we lost both our phone and internet services. We couldn't call to inform them of the situation, nor could we go on line to try to fix it ourselves. It was very frustrating. So eventually we made a trek out to Layton where My Love called Comcast. He spoke with a guy there who was actually quite helpful. He then asked the guy to check for any notes that were written by the lady who took my call earlier today. There weren't any. So, we have a suspicion that the woman I talked with was having a bad day, got annoyed with me, and did something to our connection. I know we may be jumpiong to conclusions, but it is all rather suspicious. She was grouchy with me on the phone. Put me on hold for an uber long time, and five minutes after I hang up we have no connection. Also the fact that she didn't even document the call... What with My Love working in the help desk industry, he said it is absolutely mandatory that you always document your calls, so if she didn't do that... Well, that was a day in my life.
Sorry I have been so sporadic about posting lately, we have had a lot on our plates lately, and my baby is just growing up too fast... I like playing with him more than posting. Sorry everyone!


Yay a job for real! That is so annoying about that phone call! I seriously hate calling people who are supposed to be there to help me! Usually they don't help me! Its annoying.
maidmarian4 said…
What a joke with the Comcast thing! If things get tricky with whomever I am talking to, I make sure to have their name, and then ask for their supervisor. That way, if they do anything suspicious, I know who they are. If not, I have a Sup. and they are usually much more helpful anyway (they have more "power" to do stuff for you anyway. ;-)).

I'm glad to hear Jeffrey has a job now!

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