Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, because My Love thinks I only post the silly things he does, I have to post one of my blunders. I had a candle burning in the bathroom a while ago... everyone should have a yummy smelling bathroom! At any rate, I was getting ready for bed ie brushing my teeth. I looked over and saw the still burning candle, so I decided I had better blow it out. Since I had my mouth full of toothpaste froth and a toothbrush, and knowing if I didn't do it then I would probably forget, I got the bright idea of blowing it out with my nose. I huffed and I puffed three times, and it just wasn't hard enough. Finally I blew really hard and was showered with wax. I even got a tiny piece in my eye! I have since learned my lesson to never blow out a candle with your nose! The grace of me strikes again!
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